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Bilingual Nursery: The Exciting First Step in a Learning Adventure

At our nursery, we start our bilingual path, providing a nurturing environment for children aged 6 months to 3 years old.

At this crucial stage, our team of dedicated and caring teachers work hand in hand with families. Together, we lay the foundation for each child's development, providing continuous support and cherishing every step of their way.

We focus on empowering autonomy, building self-confidence, and fostering sociability.

It is like being in a family, you can feel the warmth and attention towards the children and this is crucial for us as parents.

– Parent, FBS Nursery

We accomplish this by:

  • Creating routines such as for personal care, lunchtime, and naptime, promoting autonomy and self-confidence

  • Tailoring experiences in music, painting, movement, and more, maximising children's enjoyment and learning

  • Fostering respect and belonging, growing together in a close-knit community

  • Prioritising each child's well-being, always

A typical day at our nursery:

Your child's bilingual journey

Florence Bilingual School

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