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Paritaria & Bilingual

Unlocking the Power of a Bilingual Education: A Well-Rounded Learning Journey

As a paritaria school, we are officially recognised by the Italian National Education System. This recognition guarantees that our students who consistently attend our school:

  • Fulfill their duty of learning, as mandated by Italian law

  • Enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as students in public schools

  • Sit national exams and receive a regular diploma with equal legal value

I joined the school in pre-school. English is a childhood friend for me.

– Edoardo, 7th grade student (s.y. 2022-2023)

At our school, we strive to provide our pupils with a comprehensive and high-quality learning experience.

To achieve this, we seamlessly integrate the Italian curriculum with dedicated English language education.

Our bilingual path starts in nursery where our pupils enjoy experiencing the world around them, accompanied by qualified teachers, both Italian and English, the latter mainly from the UK and the USA or fully bilingual.

In pre-school and in the first two grades of primary school, we offer a perfectly bilingual learning experience, with 50% of the hours in Italian and 50% in English.

As students progress into primary and middle school, selected disciplines are taught in English, following the acclaimed Cambridge International curriculum, methodology, and textbooks.

This ensures our students develop strong English language skills while receiving a well-rounded education.

Florence Bilingual School

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