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Unite in Style for Belonging and Pride

Starting in pre-school, FBS pupils must wear the school uniform.

Our school uniform is more than just attire; it's a symbol of belonging and unity within our vibrant community. By wearing the uniform, pupils become an integral part of our school's identity and values. It fosters a sense of pride and equality among students.

We believe that a well-presented uniform reflects our commitment to excellence and respect.

We encourage all students and parents to ensure that the uniform is meticulously presented to maintain high standards.

Embracing our uniform not only creates a cohesive environment but also instills discipline and a sense of responsibility.

All uniforms can be bought from our supplier

10 e lode srl
Via di Ripoli 61/63 Rosso, 50126 Firenze
tel 055-5136261

Open Monday-Friday, 9-1pm & 3-7pm ; Saturday 9-1 pm

The school uniform policy allows families to purchase navy blue trousers, shorts, skirts, leggings, or jeans from any supplier. Mix and match with blue or white socks and tights.

Florence Bilingual School

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