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Academic Excellence

Unlocking Potential: Paving the Way to the Success of Every Student

At FBS, we strive to guarantee the highest academic achievements for our students, all whilst making their learning journey an enjoyable one.

Starting with pre-school, our students embark on a bilingual programme, immersing themselves in both Italian and English under the guidance of highly proficient and native-speaking teachers.

At our school, we believe in integrating the best of both worlds. By combining the Italian curriculum with the globally recognised Cambridge International pathway, we provide our students with a comprehensive educational experience. This unique approach ensures that they not only gain contemporary knowledge but also cultivate a sense of informed curiosity, fostering a lifelong passion for learning.

Academic Results

Our Students' Successes: The Pride of Our School

FBS is a paritaria school, and as such we are recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education. Our students follow the Italian curriculum and sit the national examinations, reaching outstanding results.

With our bilingual programme, we uphold the highest standards of educational excellence both in Italian and English. Our teachers are dedicated to nurturing students' linguistic abilities, enabling them to communicate confidently and effectively in both languages.

In year 5 of primary school and in year 8 of middle school, students participate in globally recognised Cambridge Checkpoint exams. These assessments evaluate critical thinking, subject knowledge, and language competencies, providing valuable feedback and international benchmarks.

Lower Secondary Cambridge Checkpoint

FBS average

International average

Students who diligently follow our bilingual programme in primary and middle school can achieve the highly esteemed B2 level in English.

This achievement showcases their language proficiency and allows them to stand out in academic and future professional settings.

We take immense pride in their success, knowing that they are well-prepared to thrive in school and life, no matter where their journey takes them.

– Leonardo Amulfi, FBS Principal

Florence Bilingual School

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