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International Students

An Inclusive and Supportive Environment for International Students

At Florence Bilingual School, we welcome students from anywhere in the world. Our aim is to offer each pupil the learning environment and opportunities to make them thrive.

As a paritaria bilingual school, we follow the Italian curriculum (approved by the Italian Ministry of Education) with a selection of subjects taught in English (science, technology, music, and arts).

For this reason, pupils applying for preschool and lower primary school are encouraged to have a basic knowledge of Italian and/or English.

As students move up the school, it is helpful for them to have an age-appropriate level of both languages. We can support pupils' language development by providing extra tuition in either Italian or English.

Complying with the Italian Education System, students take state exams at the end of middle school. Our students also take Cambridge Checkpoint exams at the end of primary (5th grade) and of middle school (8th grade).

Those who elect French or Spanish as a third language in middle school are encouraged to also take the language certifications, respectively DELF or DELE.


Seamless Transitions: Nurturing Successful Learning Paths

We strive to support our students in their educational journey, ensuring a smooth transition and a seamless path towards their desired academic destinations.

At our school, we prioritise the development of bilingual competences among our students. Most of our students who attend Florence Bilingual School from primary to middle school develop bilingual competences, which greatly facilitates their transition to English-speaking schools.

For those who might consider a move from our school to another Italian school, be it paritaria or state, rest assured that assessments are often not required, as school reports typically suffice.

For students who might seek admission to an international school, whether within Italy or abroad, an assessment by the respective institution may be necessary prior to enrolment.

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