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Your Child's Journey

Your Child's Bilingual Journey: A Joyful Learning Experience from 6 Months to 14 Years

We welcome children from 6 months to 14 years old. This is a lifespan that requires diverse teachers and diverse learning methods to meet the evolving needs of each child along their personal growth journey.

We firmly believe that students thrive when supported by nurturing teachers, a positive school environment, and a strong sense of community.

At our school, we go above and beyond to choose teachers who are truly exceptional. They possess not only unparalleled competence and knowledge, but also the essential skills and attitudes for creating the best learning experiences for pupils.

With a deep passion for teaching, active listening, empathy, patience, and respect, our teachers build solid relationships with their students. They also ignite joy, engagement, and creativity in each pupil, fostering an everlasting passion for learning.

We prioritise close collaboration with our teachers, empowering them to find the optimal learning approach tailored to meet each student's unique needs and cultivate their engagement, motivation, and confidence.

Our 4 Rs

We believe it is fundamental that pupils learn how to behave in a correct and respectful manner towards people and things, inside and outside the classroom, and that they do so consciously, not only because they are under the supervision of an adult. We are in a three-way partnership: teachers, parents, and pupils working together for each child to be ready for anywhere.

Respect for one-self

Respecting oneself is crucial for a child's personal development and growth. It fosters self-esteem, resilience, and healthy relationships. At FBS,

Respect for others

Respecting others is vital for children and future adults to thrive and integrate into society. It fosters empathy, cooperation, and acceptance, building strong relationships and promoting harmonious communities. At FBS,


Encouraging children to reflect on their actions is crucial for self-discovery and continuous improvement. It cultivates self-awareness, personal growth, and responsible decision-making. At FBS,

Responsibility for one's actions

Examining actions and taking responsibility is vital for children. It helps them understand consequences, develop decision-making skills, and nurture a sense of accountability. At FBS,

We view our school as a microcosm of society, where students, teachers, and staff unite with diverse social, cultural, religious, and linguistic backgrounds. Within our vibrant community, we foster the values of tolerance, cooperation, and discipline. Encouraging rights and responsibilities, we nurture an environment where students develop essential life skills.

By sharing experiences and learning from one another, we cultivate a vibrant sense of community and belonging.

Join FBS, where classmates evolve into lifelong friends, and teachers become trusted mentors for every child's learning experience to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Your child's bilingual journey

Florence Bilingual School

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