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Bilingual Education: A Competitive Advantage to Thrive Beyond the Classroom

At FBS, we understand the pivotal role that pre-school plays in laying a strong foundation for each child's learning journey.

In pre-school, our pupils embark on an immersive and transformative experience. By learning simultaneously in Italian and English, we provide them with a unique opportunity to become bilingual, as they enhance their cognitive abilities and cultivate an open mindset.

Pupils build relationships between the sound, feeling and appearance of each learning activity enabling them to better remember the key information of each task.

– Lorna Conway, Pre-school Coordinator

Professional and Passionate Teachers

Our team of professional and passionate teachers, both Italian and international, the latter primarily from the UK and the USA, accompany each child on a stimulating path of language, logic, and artistic development in both Italian and English.


Italian lessons


English lessons

Each year, our teachers select a unifying theme, connecting activities, labs, and learning experiences, nurturing well-rounded competences and sparking curiosity and creativity in children.

We are committed to creating a serene, supportive environment that empowers each child to flourish intellectually and emotionally.

Our pre-school daily routine:

Empowering Children's Social Skills

In our school, children learn about themselves and others, embracing the value of living together harmoniously.

Through this nurturing environment, they develop essential life skills, understanding rights, responsibilities, respect, and collaboration.

Your child's bilingual journey

Florence Bilingual School

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