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Our Community

A Community of Learning and Growth

In our school community, students, teachers, staff, and families come together to create a dynamic and enriching educational environment.

Our collective efforts provide an exceptional learning experience and prepare our students for a bright and successful future.

Our Students: A Driving Force Behind Our Success

Our students are the driving force behind all our efforts. With their enthusiasm for knowledge and life, they create a vibrant atmosphere at school. They find joy in spending constructive time together, collaborating on projects, and discovering new passions.

At our school, students not only gain academic knowledge but also develop essential life skills and a love for lifelong learning. At FBS, they discover a second home, a place where they can foster their curiosity, embrace challenges within a supportive environment, and build lifelong friendships.

We appreciate the attention to the kids’ social-emotional development, and the value placed on friendship, kindness, compassion, and respect.

– Parent, FBS Pre-school

Our Teachers: Inspiring Mentors and Reference Points for Families

Our dedicated teachers form a cohesive group that works collaboratively, sharing best practices and innovative teaching methods, also within the greater Cognita family, to create the best learning experience for our pupils. They engage students in meaningful discussions, empowering them to develop autonomy, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills.

Through mentorship and personalised attention, they empower each student to reach their full potential. Our teachers become trusted mentors for our students and serve as a point of reference for families, working hand in hand to support each child's unique learning journey.

Our Staff: Dedicated and Smiling Agents of Care

Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff members play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the school.

With professionalism and care, they provide invaluable support to both students and teachers, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere of our community.

FBS Families: Valued Partners on Our Continuous Improvement Journey

Families are an integral part of our school community, and their support is invaluable. They actively engage with enthusiasm in our school initiatives and events.

Their constructive feedback helps us continuously improve, ensuring that our school remains a nurturing and dynamic place where every pupil can thrive, academically, emotionally, and socially.

Florence Bilingual School

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