Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is not only a city steeped in art and history, but also a vibrant hub for students and professionals seeking inspiring environments to study and work. Whether you are a local student, an international learner, or a visiting professional, discovering the perfect spot to settle down with your books or laptop can transform your study sessions into an enriching experience.

Here, we explore the top places to study in Florence, offering a blend of serene libraries and inviting cafés that cater to every preference.

Best Study Spots in Florence

The impressive city boasts cosy cafés hidden in passages and beautiful libraries rich with history. Stroll the cobblestone streets while admiring the architecture before stumbling across a bustling plaza bursting with life. Then, settle down in your chosen place to study.

Top Libraries

Biblioteca delle Oblate stands out as a haven for those pursuing tranquillity and inspiration. Located in the heart of Florence, this library is not just about its vast collection of resources; it’s the atmosphere that captures your spirit. The awe-inspiring interior, adorned with high ceilings and large windows, bathes the space in natural light, creating a perfect setting for intensive study sessions. Free Wi-Fi and dedicated spaces for laptop use make it highly accommodating for all types of learners.

What truly makes Biblioteca delle Oblate a great place to study in Florence is its rooftop café, offering breathtaking views of Florence’s skyline, including the iconic Duomo. It’s an idyllic spot to take a study break, savour a coffee, and soak in the city’s beauty.

Harold Acton Library of The British Institute is a testament to the enduring cultural exchange between the Anglo and Florentine worlds. Since its foundation in 1917, this library has been a vital resource for those interested in English-language literature on Italy, art, and much more. Beyond its extensive collection, the library offers internet access and invites its members to a variety of cultural events, including lectures and concerts.

Open from Monday to Friday, the Harold Acton Library is not just the perfect place to study in Florence; it’s a gateway to engaging with Florence’s rich cultural tapestry. As one of the largest English language lending libraries in Europe, it boasts a comprehensive humanities collection featuring notable works in English and Italian literature, history, and art history.

Biblioteca Pietro Thouar is another gem, nestled in the Oltrarno’s serene Piazza Tasso. Housed in a historic building that once served as a church and convent, this library offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. With a library card, accessible with a photo ID, you gain entry into a world of knowledge and a quiet corner to study and reflect.

Top Cosy Cafes to Study

Ditta Artiginale emerges as a favourite among locals and visitors alike, renowned for its high-quality coffee and chic, stylish interior. With three locations in Florence, it provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those who thrive in a vibrant environment. The café’s dedication to serving sustainably sourced coffee, along with a menu of freshly prepared meals and pastries, ensures that you have everything you need for a productive study session.

La Cite cafe, located in the charming Oltrarno district, offers a cosy and intimate setting ideal for those who prefer a quieter ambience. Its selection of coffee, teas, and light meals, combined with its inviting atmosphere, makes it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a comfortable study nook.

La Ménagère presents an aesthetically pleasing environment where the finer things in life enhance your study experience. This café, adorned with an in-house flower shop and interior store, is a unique destination in Florence. It’s a place where the ambience elevates your focus and creativity.

Santa Rosa Bistro offers an escape into a lush garden setting, providing a refreshing outdoor study experience. Its spacious garden and indoor area with floor-to-ceiling windows create an ideal environment for those looking to study in a natural, airy setting.

Le Murate and Todo Modo offer unique experiences for those seeking an alternative or culturally rich atmosphere. Le Murate, set within the walls of an old jail, and Todo Modo, a hidden café behind a bookstore, are two of the most curious places to study in Florence, infused with local culture and history.

La Via del Tè (Oltrarno) is a hidden gem for tea lovers, providing a quiet café behind a tea shop where you can enjoy a pot of tea and small sandwiches in a serene setting, perfect for hours of focused work.

The Social Hub cafe and The Stellar at Nana Bianca cater to those looking for a modern coworking vibe. These spaces offer the flexibility of a café with the amenities of a coworking space, ideal for students and professionals alike.

Florence is a city that nurtures the mind and spirit, offering an array of places to study that blend historical charm with modern convenience. Whether you’re drawn to the quiet sanctity of a library or the lively atmosphere of a café, each spot provides a unique setting to enhance your learning journey. As you explore these places to study in Florence, you’ll not only find the perfect spot to focus and achieve your academic goals but also immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry that makes Florence so special.